The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Sean
O’Keefe regarding Saturday’s successful landing of the first
Mars Excursion Rover (MER), Spirit, on the Martian surface.

“Congratulations to the Mars Rover team on achieving a
successful landing on the surface of Mars by the Rover Spirit.
This amazing feat, coming so soon in the New Year, is a tribute
to the dedication to the many men and women throughout NASA and
our many partners who worked extremely hard to give our amazing
rovers the best chance for success on their mission of
exploration on the Red Planet.

“In a few weeks, Spirit’s twin Opportunity will be landing on
the other side of the planet. The rovers will soon begin their
mission to search the rocks of Mars for signs that water may
have been present for long periods of time–signs that may tell
us whether Mars could have been hospitable to life in the

More information about the Mars rover missions is available on
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