Nanoracks is pleased to share the successful completion of the Company’s first mission on a SpaceX rideshare launch. Nanoracks brokered the launch and deployment of eight Spire LEMUR-2 CubeSats and of an emissions monitoring microsatellite, GHGSAT-C2 (“Hugo”).

Nanoracks’ first rideshare mission, dubbed “Eyries-1,” marks the Company’s entrance into the rideshare brokering market and the broadening of services for Nanoracks’ global customer base. This launch allowed Nanoracks to continue longstanding customer relationships and to foster new partnerships.

GHGSat Inc., a new customer to Nanoracks, provides global emissions monitoring services, currently for greenhouse gases and ultimately for air quality and other trace gases from a wide range of sources. 

Nanoracks continued its tradition of deploying CubeSats for Spire by adding eight more LEMUR-2 satellites to Spire’s growing constellation. Spire is a leading data analytics company with the world’s largest earth observation constellation of satellites that provide advanced weather data, maritime analytics, and aircraft tracking.

Nanoracks is pleased to help enable both GHGSat and Spire’s goals in orbit, leveraging space access to make tangible progress to major challenges faced on Earth today.

“It was so exciting being part of the first completely dedicated smallsat rideshare mission launched by SpaceX, and we look forward to being a long-term provider of access to these types of flights,” says External Payloads Manager, Tristan Prejean. “Now our customers can get the same level of customer service they know from our Space Station missions, but they have the flexibility to choose between the Space Station, the Northrop Grumman Cygnus, and SpaceX rideshare launches. We’re a one-stop shop for any orbital destination.”

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