Mynaric today announced that space industry leader Hans Koenigsmann was nominated to join its supervisory board. Koenigsmann was nominated by the supervisory board to replace resigning supervisory board member Gerd Gruppe, a former Executive board member of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), contingent on court approval. Mynaric wins Koenigsmann for his first advisory role outside of SpaceX where he acted in various high-profile leadership roles during a 20-year tenure

“Hans is well-known as one of the industry’s most respected leaders, both on the technical and business aspects of operations, and we are thrilled that he accepted the nomination,” said Bulent Altan, CEO of Mynaric. “Hans’ expertise will be invaluable as we work to scale our business and demonstrate our products’ true utility across a variety of applications. And on a personal note, I could not be more thrilled to be working with him again after our joint time at SpaceX where we have achieved so much together.”

The nomination comes while the company marks major milestones in industrializing laser communications for space, aeronautical and mobility applications in an expanding market. Just recently, Mynaric inaugurated the world’s first serial production facility for laser communication products, launched a next generation optical communications terminal for space applications and signed several customer commitments.

“I have seen how teams pushing the boundaries of what’s considered doable look like and provided technical assurance throughout my career,” said Koenigsmann. “Mynaric has already achieved significant milestones and has what it takes to build laser communications at scale at this important moment in time. I am thrilled that I can witness yet another technological breakthrough and support the company on its mission going forward.”

Koenigsmann, a German-born aerospace engineer, joined SpaceX as its fourth technical employee in 2002. During his tenure at SpaceX, he oversaw launch readiness, inspection of the quality of rocket engineering and development, risk analysis and the identification and resolution of launch issues. He was awarded with NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal in 2014, an honor reserved as the space agency’s highest recognition for non-government individuals.

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About Mynaric

Mynaric (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: M0Y, ISIN: DE000A0JCY11) produces the optical fiber for the skies and, as a pioneer of laser communication, enables extremely fast and secure wireless data transmission between aircraft, drones and satellites. Globally, the need for fast and ubiquitous network connectivity is advancing inexorably. Data networks such as the internet are now largely based on infrastructure on the ground which cannot be expanded arbitrarily for legal, economic or logistical reasons. The future, therefore, calls for an expansion of the existing network infrastructure into air and space. Mynaric provides laser communication products to establish the necessary data highways for telecommunication constellations in air and space.

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