mu Space Corp, a satellite manufacturer, and satellite internet service provider, has been invited to speak at the Satellite Symposium in Silicon Valley. mu Space will be representing the space industry in Southeast Asia at this internationally renowned event. Joining the event will allow mu Space to announce its latest updates including, the recently priced mu-B200 satellite at $4Million. CEO & CTO, James Yenbamroong, will be speaking on the topic of “Smallsat Manufacturing in Mature and Burgeoning Organizations.” A topic mu Space is experienced speaking on due to our expertise in being a manufacturing company.

The event takes place from 8th-10th of February, at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. mu Space CEO & CTO, James Yenbaroong will be speaking on the 9th of February at 11:00 am on the topic mentioned above. The session will revolve around the manufacturing side of the space industry, focusing on the production of satellites. The invited speakers will be sharing their expertise from their own businesses and experiences, regarding SmallSat manufacturing. Being a hub for tech companies, those attending the event represent leading

aerospace companies throughout the world, including mu Space Corp. This, therefore, gives companies a chance to network with one another and build relationships for the future. mu Space anticipates meeting with partners and clients that will also be attending the event and building new relationships with organizations that attend the event.

We look forward to attending the Satellite Symposium 2022, please continue to follow us for future updates!

About mu Space Corp

mu Space Corp is an aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2017 by James Yenbamroong, the company’s vision is to pave the way for the next generation and reinvent the future of technology and international space travel. Based in Bangkok with a body of 100 staff and growing in research and development, the company’s goal is to make Thailand a global leader in aerospace manufacturing and internet service providers. mu Space is designing, developing and manufacturing all of its components in-house, ensuring a faster production line. The company has participated in several test launches into space, with further plans to build and test-launch satellites by the end of 2021. For more information please visit