Morpheus Space, a leading satellite mobility provider, today announced the launch of Sphere Safe, a unique hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) and on-demand pricing model designed to make propulsion technology and other active sub-systems more accessible for satellite and small spacecraft manufacturers.

Spire Global, a leading provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, is the first company to adapt Sphere Safe for its upcoming satellite missions.

Ideas about HaaS models for satellite components have largely remained just that: ideas. The current industry standards and legal barriers make it very difficult to introduce such disruptive innovations, making this a pivotal moment for the industry. In the same way that every company has become a tech company throughout the last two decades, successful tech companies will have to adapt space-based solutions in order to stay competitive. Morpheus Space and Spire Global are seeking to lead the New Space industry to this new era by example with Sphere Safe and the shared vision of a more collaborative and inclusive industry.

“Morpheus Space’s propulsion technology will help to ‘push’ Spire to the next frontier of location precision, unlocking new innovation possibilities for our data and analytics, as well as our space services customers,” said Jeroen Cappaert, CTO of Spire. “Morpheus Space’s Sphere Safe model is an efficient and cost-effective way to explore new technology that aligns perfectly with Spire’s mission to build a better future on earth using insights from the ultimate vantage point of space.”

Historically, satellite manufacturers have had to pay significant upfront costs to purchase propulsion systems, followed by more post-production fees. This is not only incredibly expensive, but places nearly all the risk on the buyer. Sphere Safe not only offers a significant drop in upfront cost (roughly 25x lower than industry standard), but also introduces an on-demand model combined with an optional subscription to eliminate much of the burden that normally falls on the buyer.

First, the customer receives the product; then, once the customer’s satellites reach orbit, a subscription begins. Following the first mandatory one-year subscription, the customer has the option to leverage an on-demand pricing model and only pay according to the level of maneuverability they wish to have, similar to a pre-paid cell phone data plan or just continue the subscription.

With this HaaS model, Morpheus Space shares the risk with the customer. Morpheus is equally incentivized to deliver a working product as the customer is to lower mission risk. When using the on-demand model, customers do not pay if they are not using the propulsion system. For early-stage space companies, this is of critical importance.

At the core of Sphere Safe is Morpheus Space’s mission to help drive further industry innovation. This kind of HaaS pricing model opens many doors, including the potential for a company to be able to pay only for the ability to perform specific maneuvers, such as de-orbiting, that they otherwise would not have been execute.

Morpheus Space is committed to help drive a sustainable future in space and on Earth. One of the most serious problems in the space industry is the ever-growing space debris; to continue industry progress and commercialization, this debris must be disposed of much faster than is the case naturally. Through Sphere Safe, customers can now afford the propulsion technology that enables deorbiting and space debris removal, creating a new industry standard for sustainability.

Looking to the future, the potential for insurers to require deorbiting capabilities as a means to limit space debris could very well become a reality, and soon. Companies taking advantage of electric propulsion technologies to bolster space debris cleanup would also be in better standing for financial incentives like lower premiums or government subsidized de-orbiting maneuvers.

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About Morpheus Space:

Morpheus Space is introducing a fully integrated ecosystem for satellite mobility that enables truly dynamic satellite constellations, the future of the New Space economy; a fusion between cutting edge electric propulsion and artificial intelligence. Its solution package enables satellite service providers to operate entire constellations as one entity by utilizing the world’s most scalable and most efficient space qualified propulsion systems servicing satellites.