Morpheus Space, leading provider of spacecraft electric propulsion systems, today announced the launch of the SPHERE ecosystem,  as well as a new proprietary propellant and rebrand. A first-of-its-kind ecosystem, SPHERE was created to power end-to-end autonomous constellation operations. 

A natural extension of the devices and systems that brought Morpheus Space to market in 2018, SPHERE will act as a command center for all things propulsion. As the company evolves from a propulsion system manufacturer into an overarching space mobility provider, the team is seeking to lower the barriers of entry into the space industry through its unique pricing model and cutting-edge tech integration. The following products and features have been integrated into Morpheus’ platform to make up the SPHERE ecosystem and provide customers with a seamless experience:

SPHERE Go: The world’s most scalable and efficient electric propulsion systems, our well known MultiFEEP & NanoFEEP

SPHERE Direct: A plug-and-play platform agnostic autopilot powered by on-demand use

SPHERE Flow: A mission design software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables constellations to become ever-changing to fulfill dynamic objectives

SPHERE Safe: A cost model that enables on-demand use of active satellite hardware and extra features and hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) 

SPHERE Gateway: A web application that automates the whole customer journey from first product exposure to satellite operations

“The approach to scalable hardware for the space industry has led us to push for new, innovative ways to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of our customers,” said Daniel Bock, CEO and co-founder of Morpheus Space. “Customers kept asking us the same three questions: how do we move in space? Where do we go? How do we get there? To answer those questions, we created SPHERE, expanding on our application as a mobility provider.”

To help power SPHERE, Morpheus is unveiling its new proprietary alloy propellant. Completely unique to the industry, the propellant is non-toxic and non-corrosive with absolutely no transport or handling restrictions. There is a 50% improvement in thrust in comparison to the previously used Gallium, resulting in significant upgrade in thrust to power ratio and total impulse. With this new propellant, Morpheus’ systems can provide customers continuous thrust for more than five years with unmatched efficiency.

As Morpheus’ technology and product offering continues to evolve, its brand is growing in tandem. In addition to the launch of SPHERE, the company will be debuting completely redesigned brand elements at this year’s Space Tech Expo Europe, including logos, colors, fonts and a new tagline. The new logo focuses on the horizon, with bolder fonts and colors – designed to stand out, as well as illuminate. The tagline, “Dreams in Motion” is meant to not only inspire candidates in the field but to capture the role Morpheus is striving to play in industry innovation. The website will be going through a complete upgrade by Early 2022, mirroring its dynamic, interconnected brand and pivotal role in the innovation of the New Space sector. 

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About Morpheus Space: 

Morpheus Space is a leading provider of the most scalable and efficient spacecraft electric propulsion systems. Its technology disrupts the New Space industry by introducing Sphere Flow; a fusion between cutting edge electric propulsion and artificial intelligence enabling truly dynamic constellations. The solution package enables satellite service providers to operate entire constellations as one entity by utilizing the world’s smallest and most efficient space propulsion system servicing satellites <1Kg to >1000Kg. The Morpheus Space technology enables each satellite to perform countless orbital maneuvers, which allows the possibility of “objective first” mission planning with 100% automation. This provides a never-before-seen flexibility of satellite networks that is exploited by the A.I. to optimize the constellations and fulfill customer objectives. For more information, visit

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