Momentus Inc., a commercial space company that plans to offer in-space infrastructure services, and QOSMOSYS, a Singapore-based space venture that designs, launches and operates multi-mission space vehicles, announced today their intention to expand their existing cooperation to include the development of an integrated lunar logistics and transportation system.

QOSMOSYS and Momentus are studying the feasibility of jointly offering an end-to-end cargo transportation service to the surface of the Moon. The service would combine Momentus’ next-generation service vehicle, currently under development, and an innovative surface delivery system, also under development, by QOSMOSYS and called QosmoBox. Depending on the results of these exploratory studies, the companies may enter into a formal cooperation agreement and conduct a validation launch in the 2023-2024 timeframe.

“Democratizing access to space requires collaboration across companies and geographies, and we are delighted to advance our cooperation with Momentus,” said QOSMOSYS Chief Executive Officer Francois Dubrulle. “We believe Momentus’ Ardoride service vehicle, when developed, together with our innovative QosmoBox spacecraft, can help unlock streamlined delivery services to the Moon.”

Earlier this year, QOSMOSYS and Momentus announced two launch service agreements for deploying up to six QOSMOSYS Zeus satellites in Low Earth Orbit and Lunar Orbit between 2022 and 2024. The objective of these flights will be to demonstrate capabilities that will help pave the way for comprehensive lunar logistics and transportation missions.

“The long-term goal is to help our customers optimize the moon as an enabler of a strong space economy and a gateway to advanced exploration,” said Momentus Chief Revenue Officer Dawn Harms. “With QOSMOSYS and Momentus planning to streamline the lunar journey by offering the entire life-cycle of logistics and infrastructure services, we hope that others are inspired to view the moon as a practical and accessible next step.”

About Momentus

Momentus is a U.S. commercial space company that plans to offer in-space infrastructure services, including in-space transportation, hosted payloads and in-orbit services. Momentus believes it can make new ways of operating in space possible with its planned in-space transfer and service vehicles that will be powered by an innovative water plasma-based propulsion system that is under development. The Company anticipates flying its first two Vigoride vehicles to Low Earth Orbit on a third-party launch provider as early as June 2022, subject to receipt of appropriate government licenses and availability of slots on its launch provider’s manifest.


QOSMOSYS offers everyone space into space. We design, launch and operate multi-missions space vehicles that serve organizations or individuals to store, ship, test, produce materials or objects for commercial or scientific applications. These space vehicles rely on our expandable family of spacecraft, named Zeus, offering a unique enabler of unlimited interactions of earth-bound life and dearly-held physical forms with the cosmos. QOSMOSYS is a Singapore-based venture.


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