Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 15, 2003 – MirCorp, the company that pioneered commercial space tourism, has entered into discussions with Asian investors for future projects and marked the third anniversary of the world’s only privately-funded manned space mission: Soyuz-MirCorp Expedition 28.

A series of intense talks with MirCorp and commercial partners have been completed in Tokyo, where the company underscored its commitment to the space tourism industry.

MirCorp also hosted an “invitation only” celebration in Tokyo that marked the three-year anniversary of Soyuz-MirCorp Expedition 28, the successful Mir space station mission in 2000 with a two-man Russian cosmonaut crew that was funded entirely by MirCorp. The mission – which reactivated the Mir space station and included extensive scientific experiments – began with the cosmonauts’ liftoff from Kazakhstan on April 4, 2000 and concluded with the landing on June 16, 2000.

The world’s first space tourist, Dennis Tito, also was a client of MirCorp, signing his initial launch reservation with the company for a flight to the Mir space station.

“We remain extremely proud that MirCorp succeeded in opening manned space exploration to private individuals,” MirCorp President and CEO Jeffrey Manber said. “At our Tokyo celebration this month, a select group of Asian innovators and explorers were treated to a special show highlighting the history of MirCorp and how this company worked with NASA, the Russian space industry and commercial partners to pave the way for Dennis Tito and others to be able to pay their own way to space. MirCorp – and our colleagues – took the first steps for a new generation of space explorers.”

George Berkowski, MirCorp’s Vice President of Marketing, said the recent meetings allowed MirCorp to reaffirm its commitment to the space tourism sector. “This was a highly effective opportunity to bring together a diverse group of people interested in space travel – from high net worth individuals and representatives of the television and media industries to large corporations”.

After the MirCorp discussions in Tokyo, MirCorp management is extremely positive about the outlook for space tourism. ” We have received good support and suggestions,” Manber added. “We are delighted that others remain just as positive about the sector as we are.”

MirCorp has been working with closely with investors and partners on a number of internal projects throughout the first half of 2003, and the company will announce a major commercial tourism project by year-end.

“The magnitude and consumer appeal of our new programs will ensure our leadership in the sector,” Berkowski said. “This will continue the spirit of innovation that has been associated with MirCorp from its very inception.”

MirCorp History Timeline:

The timeline below highlights MirCorp’s amazing history:

1999: MirCorp is founded by western investors and the RSC Energia – Russia’s oldest and most respected space company.
The goal of the company is to develop a manned orbital platform to host commercial space activities.

2000: MirCorp creates world history by becoming the first company to completely fund a manned space mission. The MirCorp mission (Expedition 28) is carried out as an entirely commercial mission to the Mir space station with two crewmembers – S.V. Zalentin and A. Yu. Kaleri. The mission lays the foundation for a new breed of tourism and verified the viability of commercial space research.

In the same year MirCorp becomes the first private company to finance a space walk.

2001: The International Space Station Partners, in recognition of the desire of MirCorp to fulfill an agreement with Dennis Tito and others to experience space exploration, opens the door on a case-by-case basis to the concept of a commercial, non-professional to visit the International Space Station (ISS).

MirCorp organizes the filming of the first television commercial on the International Space Station for RadioShack Corporation as part of a Father’s Day gift promotion. This is the first commercial shot on the ISS shown on American television.

2002: MirCorp client Lance Bass (of pop group *NSYNC) completes an astronaut training program in Russia and the United States as part of a commercial media program called “Celebrity Mission.” MirCorp client Lori Garver (the former Assistant Administrator of NASA) undergoes orbital flight certification training as part of the “AstroMom” project.

2003: MirCorp celebrates the three-year anniversary of its first privately financed commercial manned Space mission. New discussions with commercial partners in Asia and Western Europe set the stage for a series of announcements concerning the launch of innovative, space-related programs in latter part of the year.

About MirCorp

MirCorp has been flying commercial manned space flights since the year 2000. That year, MirCorp financed two completely commercial space missions – one of which flew a two-member crew to the Mir space station. That same year, MirCorp also financed the first commercial Space walk in history. In 2002 MirCorp signed two new clients – Lance Bass of pop band *NSYNC and Lori Garver the ex-Assistant Administrator of NASA – taking them through the required training course for a manned space fight to the International Space Station.

In addition to commercial manned space travel and training services, MirCorp has a proven track record in working with the media and corporate sponsorship sectors to develop some of the leading space-related programs on the market.

Due to its privileged partnership with RSC Energia – the oldest and most respected Russian space company – MirCorp has demonstrated ability to be an innovator in the space industry: it is the only company in the world to have leased and operated its own space station, and the only company to have independently financed a space mission with two passengers – opening the door to a new era of commercial space exploration.

MirCorp headquarters are in Amsterdam, with offices in Virginia and Moscow, Russia. For further information, please contact Gert Weyers at +31 20 520 68 40 or visit

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