Dr. Charles Simonyi Adds Video and Expands Kids’ Space on his Web Site, Offering a Rare Glimpse into the World of Space Flight

Seattle, Wash. – February 13, 2007 — Charles Simonyi, Ph.D., the fifth private space explorer, announced today that his Web site www.charlesinspace.com now features rich new content including training video and personal interviews. Additionally, Dr. Simonyi is pleased to fully launch “Kids’ Space”, an interactive, educational portion of www.charlesinspace.com designed to captivate future space travelers.

Dr. Simonyi has been capturing the intensive preparation for his upcoming flight on video. From centrifuge training to re-entry simulation, these videos show what it takes to travel to the International Space Station (ISS). Another new feature of the web site is video interviews with Dr. Simonyi. Hear his answers to questions like “Why are you going?” and “Are you afraid?” To find out why Dr. Simonyi wants to go and what he plans to take along, log onto www.charlesinspace.com

In addition, the next generation of space explorers can talk directly to a civilian space traveler. In the expanded “Kid’s Space” section of www.charlesinspace.com , Dr. Simonyi personally answers questions from kids and uses every opportunity to educate the world’s youth about space travel. Kids can learn about the terms astronauts use, take an interactive Space Quiz, and earn an official “Charles in Space Certificate of Achievement.” They can also learn about the historic link between scouting programs and astronauts. Plus, resources are available for parents and teachers to inform kids and promote an interest in space.

Committed to sharing his experience in an honest and straightforward way, Dr. Simonyi is preparing for the April 7, 2007 launch of the Soyuz TMA-10 en route to the ISS, a flight provided by Space Adventures, Ltd. He is honored to share this journey and hopes to provide valuable insight into the entire experience. From training to landing, Dr. Simonyi is dedicated to making the experience as tangible as possible. He considers his flight to be one more step in the inevitable progression towards civilian space travel. 

About Dr. Charles Simonyi

Dr. Simonyi is president and chief executive officer of Intentional Software, a software engineering firm based in Bellevue, Washington that is focused on improving the way organizations write software. His mission to the International Space Station is the latest destination in a life defined by exploration and discovery. As a software engineer, aviator, and the next civilian space traveler, Dr. Simonyi brings his passion for flight and engineering to the upcoming 2007 Orbital Spaceflight Scientific Mission.

About www.charlesinspace.com

Dr. Charles Simonyi’s site, www.charlesinspace.com was created to further advance his three space mission objectives: to advance civilian space flight, assist in space station research, and involve the world’s youth in the science of space travel.  Visitors to this interactive, publishing site have an opportunity to read Dr. Simony’s in-depth blogs, ask questions directly to Dr. Simonyi, see his personal pictures, watch training video, and access other space-related links. In the “Kids’ Space” section of the Web site, children can take an interactive quiz while parents and teachers have an educational resource at their fingertips. The Interactive Media Council, Inc. recently bestowed the Outstanding Achievement Award in Science/Technology to Garrigan Lyman (www.glg.com) for www.charlesinspace.com .

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