Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, today announced it is the recipient of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) ‘Supplier Trust and Recognition Award’ for the company’s outstanding Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) quality control programs, underscoring Microsemi’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards across all its product lines. As the representative for all NASA sites, U.S. government agencies, and their key suppliers and customers, Joint Audit Planning Committee (JAPC) in collaboration with JPL’s Procurement Quality Assurance department presented the award to Microsemi during a ceremony at the company’s San Jose, California facility.

“We are truly humbled by this honor from JPL, as this validates Microsemi’s legacy of quality assurance and our team’s commitment to providing exceptional processes for our product development, manufacturing and delivery,” said Lisa Konigsberg, director of corporate quality for Microsemi. “This award also demonstrates the importance of listening to our customers, taking a holistic approach to quality assurance and continually reaching out for feedback to ensure we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations—ultimately developing a high level of trust resulting in continued business growth.”

Microsemi has a long history of providing the highest quality aerospace and defense solutions, which require high reliability products to be tested and handled in tightly controlled areas. The company extends this differentiation across all its market segments requiring the highest quality standards, including communications, data center and industrial. Microsemi was recognized by JPL for successfully supporting a JAPC audit by demonstrating excellence in the operations of its testing area and product warehouse, which led to its ‘Supplier Trust and Recognition Award.’

For more information about Microsemi’s aerospace and defense certifications and recognitions, visit
http://www.microsemi.com/products/fpga-soc/radtolerant-fpgas/military-aerospace-certifications. For more information on the company’s quality policy, visit http://www.microsemi.com/company/quality.

Microsemi Leading Space Innovation for More than Half a Century 

With one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of space products, Microsemi provides radiation-tolerant field programmable gate arrays (RT FPGAs), radiation-hardened mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), radiation-hardened DC-to-DC converters, precision time and frequency solutions, linear and POL hybrids, custom hybrid solutions, and radiation-hardened discretes including the broadest portfolio of JANS Class diodes and bipolar products. Microsemi is committed to supporting its products throughout the lifetime of its customer programs. The company continues to innovate and expand its portfolio, most recently adding its new LX7730 radiation-tolerant telemetry controller IC providing key functions for sensor monitoring, attitude and payload control, as well as its RTG4™ high-speed signal processing radiation-tolerant FPGA family. The RTG4’s reprogrammable flash technology offers complete immunity to radiation-induced configuration upsets in the harshest radiation environments, requiring no configuration scrubbing, unlike SRAM FPGA technology. For more information about Microsemi’s space products, visit http://www.microsemi.com/applications/space.

About Microsemi

Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for aerospace & defense, communications, data center and industrial markets. Products include high-performance and radiation-hardened analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and synchronization devices and precise time solutions, setting the world’s standard for time; voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; enterprise storage and communication solutions, security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Ethernet solutions; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services. Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and has approximately 4,800 employees globally. Learn more at www.microsemi.com.