U.S. Air Force Recognizes Company’s Accomplishments on TacSat-2

Littleton, Colo., (April 3, 2007) – MicroSat Systems, an innovative company with a string of recent successes, is a member of the Tactical Satellite-2 Team (TacSat-2) that received the Air Force Research Laboratory 2006 Dr. Harold Gardiner Director’s Cup Award for its exceptional service and distinctive accomplishments.

“We are truly honored to be a member of the team that received this prestigious award,” said John Roth, President of MicroSat Systems. “We worked with an amazing team, and we are thrilled that our satellite has played a significant role in the success of this program.”

For TacSat-2, MicroSat Systems designed and built the satellite bus, which was also the first satellite launched by this six-year-old company. It was also responsible for the primary Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solar arrays and the experimental thin-film solar arrays. 

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s TacSat-2 micro satellite was launched in December 2006 and marks the first mission in a new program for building customized satellite systems quickly and economically for the Department of Defense.

“With ninety plus days of on-orbit operation, TacSat-2 continues to redefine what small, affordable satellites can do,” said Todd Mosher, Ph.D., Director of Advanced Systems for MicroSat Systems, Inc. “To already have the Air Force recognize these achievements is a great honor.”

About MicroSat Systems, Inc.:

MicroSat Systems is a leading provider of small, high performance satellites for military responsive space applications and civil and commercial customers. MicroSat Systems is a leader in the application of new technologies and new production techniques to bring highly capable microsatellites to the space market. Key technologies MicroSat Systems has developed include: high payload mass fraction composite structures, low cost/lightweight power subsystems, advanced miniaturized avionics, and satellite designs rapidly adaptable to multiple missions. For more information, visit www.microsatsystems.com or call (303) 285-9899.