Science Minister Lord Sainsbury unveiled the new UK Space Strategy today. The three-year strategy sets out three main objectives:

  • To enhance the UK’s standing in astronomy, planetary and environmental sciences
  • To stimulate increased productivity through promoting the use of space in Government, science and commerce
  • To develop innovative space technologies and systems to deliver sustainable improvement in quality of life

Lord Sainsbury said:

“A key objective to this strategy is to build on the UK’s outstanding record of scientific discovery. Space is recognised as one of the essential tools that will help us understand the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe.

“The Government’s decision to invest in Beagle 2 has demonstrated our commitment to achieving these aims through innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Beagle 2 is a benchmark project which will provide the UK with scientific and industrial capabilities for the future.”

The British National Space Centre consulted with the space community and the general public to produce the Space Strategy. To see a copy of the document click here.