Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) announced today an all-star team of industry innovators have joined Lockheed Martin in the competition to design and build NASA’s new Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV).  Lockheed Martin is one of several companies chosen by NASA last September to provide concepts for the development of a Crew Exploration Vehicle, as well as overall architecture concepts for human exploration of the moon.

The CEV will serve as NASA’s next-generation human space transportation system that will carry astronauts from Earth to space – safer, more reliably and more cost-effectively – all part of the nation’s Vision for Space Exploration of the moon, Mars and beyond.  NASA is expected to select two prime contractor teams later this year for further concept development, and will make a final selection of the CEV contractor team in 2008.

“The depth and breadth of expertise and experience that Orbital Sciences, EADS SPACE Transportation, United Space Alliance, Hamilton Sundstrand and Honeywell bring to our CEV team is unparalleled, exciting and highly focused on meeting NASA’s needs for the future,” said Michael Gass, vice president and general manager of Space Transportation for Lockheed Martin Space Systems.  “Our team has been on every manned program over the past 45 years. Together, we are developing a CEV for NASA that will be much safer, more reliable and much more operationally efficient than the systems we rely upon today.  We’re already developing and maturing concepts, designs and technology.  And our design incorporates the ability for the CEV to evolve as we expand our presence in space, ensuring that NASA will have a very valuable, long-term asset for space exploration.”

The teaming of these premier aerospace companies reaches across two continents and builds upon their significant strengths and decades of experience in large, complex systems integration, innovation and advanced technology development, and operational reliability and performance – all of which are vital to helping NASA achieve its goal of demonstrating a new CEV by 2008 and an operational capability by 2014.

Lockheed Martin will lead the team as the system prime contractor.   United Space Alliance will draw upon its extensive experience in large, complex systems integration, operation and maintenance of multi-purpose space systems and reusable space launch systems, including the Shuttle and numerous systems associated with NASA’s human space flight program.  EADS SPACE Transportation provides its expertise in the design and development of space transportation vehicles and manned space systems, together with its long experience of international cooperation in manned space programs. Orbital brings its strengths in integration of solid rocket motor systems and significant experience with spacecraft and small launch vehicles. Honeywell provides Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) technology, which elevates crew autonomy and systems management to a new level, and will provide avionics, guidance, navigation and control (GN&C), and mission and ground systems support.  Hamilton Sundstrand provides its expertise in the design, manufacture and servicing of Space Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) and brings over 40 years of technical experience from its key participation in every major NASA human space program with Space Suits, critical Vehicle Life Support, thermal control and power management systems.

“The Crew Exploration Vehicle will be a cornerstone asset in NASA’s overarching plan for space exploration and its success is a national imperative,” said John Karas, vice president of Space Exploration for Lockheed Martin.  “The combined talents, technical prowess and innovative ideas that our companies have brought together for the CEV are already yielding benefits to other space exploration capabilities that NASA needs for the future.”

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, headquartered near Denver, Colo., is one of the major operating units of Lockheed Martin Corporation.  Space Systems Company designs, develops, tests and manufactures a variety of advanced technology systems for space and defense. Chief products include space launch systems, defense systems, interplanetary and science spacecraft, spacecraft for commercial and government customers, fleet ballistic missiles and missile defense systems.


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