Today, America’s aerospace and defense industry launches National Aerospace Week 2017.  Established by AIA in 2010, National Aerospace Week is an opportunity for the aerospace industry and its supporters to recognize the enormous contributions that the industry makes to America’s strength, security, and prosperity.  Since 2010, both chambers of Congress have issued a resolution establishing an annual National Aerospace Week.
“America’s aerospace and defense industry embodies the best of our Nation.  Today, as it has for over a century, American aerospace drives the nation’s economy, competitiveness, and national security,” said AIA President and CEO David F. Melcher.   “National Aerospace Week provides an opportunity to recognize those contributions and to celebrate the noble workforce who underpins the industry’s continued success.”
National Aerospace Week events include a session of the Senate Aerospace Caucus focused on the impacts of cyber security on the aerospace and defense industry, a meeting of the House Aerospace Caucus to focus on further opportunities for security partnerships in collaboration with industry, and the presentation of the prestigious Wings of Liberty award to a member of Congress who has made significant contributions to help bolster aerospace and national defense.  AIA will also promote the unique role of America’s aerospace and defense industry and both a driver of the economic engine of America and the most innovative and advanced industry in the world. 
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross recognized the importance of National Aerospace Week and its efforts to bring together “interested groups and individuals nationwide to show their support for the aerospace industry and its workers” in a letter to AIA.
The Aerospace Industries Association and its 344 small, medium and large member companies, and our dedicated, highly skilled workforce are proud of the patriotic work we do supporting our men and women in uniform and contributing to the economic success of our nation. Our industry contributes the largest positive trade balance of any U.S. industry – over $90 billion in 2016 – and supports more than 2.4 million jobs in the United States, including 13 percent of our nation’s manufacturing workforce. Through opportunities like National Aerospace Week, AIA and its members continue to advocate for policies and responsible budgets that will allow the aerospace industry to seize on the potential to create more high-skill, high-wage jobs.
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