The SPACE 3.0 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has awarded a “One Small Step” grant to Leonard David of Space Data Resources and Information. He will perform select oral history interviews focused on entrepreneurial and commercial space activities for the Foundation’s Space Business & Commerce Archives.

A best-selling author and award-winning journalist, Leonard David has reported on space activities for more than 50 years. His efforts led to his being awarded the National Space Club Press Award, the Ordway Award for Sustained Excellence in Spaceflight History, and receiving the National Space Society “Space Pioneer Award for Media.”

“While NASA has done an excellent job at documenting its activities and actions via oral histories with key management, staff, and the astronauts and program managers, there remains a great need to capture the experiences and perspectives of space entrepreneurs and visionaries. We are thrilled to have an award-winning journalist of Leonard David’s stature be the first “One Small Step” grant recipient focused on performing oral histories in this area,” said Scott Sacknoff, the Foundation’s chair.

SPACE 3.0 has reserved funds to award more grants this calendar year and also is seeking sponsors for the collection of additional oral histories to be performed.

Other projects funded by SPACE 3.0 in recent months include: a grant to the New Mexico Museum of Space History to digitize human spaceflight films from the 1960s, the acquisition of 50,000+ high-resolution images from the human spaceflight program for its space archives, and digitization of the privately published magazine, Space World, which ran from 1960-1988.

According to Mr. Sacknoff, “After more than 30+ years in the space industry, I’ve noticed that small sums can make a real difference. SPACE 3.0 launched the ‘One Small Step’ grant program to identify projects that can fill in the gaps to space history preservation. Ideas such as digitizing historical documents, collecting an oral history, or expanding the resources found in our archive.”

Both individuals and organizations may apply for “One Small Step” grants; applications are accepted throughout the year, whenever the need presents. There is no formal deadline. Researchers will be able to access items in our Archive upon request.

About The Space 3.0 Foundation

Established in 2019, SPACE 3.0 is a 501(c)(3) charitable institution that is building an endowment in order to fund projects related to the preservation of space history and empowering entrepreneurs and visionaries. Its “One Small Step” grants provide $250-$1,000 for worthy activities that help the Foundation target its mission and goals.

Among the projects supported by SPACE 3.0 are the continued publication of the peer-reviewed history journal, “Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly;” the management and expansion of the Space Business & Commerce Archives; and Space History Challenge™ quizzes to engage and educate.

At its core, the Foundation is an organization created by tax-deductible gifts from generous people committed to our mission and activities. Information about the Foundation can be found at