LEOcloud and Orbital Assembly announced today they have established a partnership in which LEOcloud will enable public cloud edge computing services hosted on Orbital Assembly’s Gravity Ring and Pioneer Stations.


This will enable researchers and commercial entities on board Orbital Assembly’s facilities to run their services or application workloads locally in a hybrid cloud environment such as Red Hat OpenShift, while seamlessly collaborating with colleagues on Earth.


“Orbital Assembly’s Gravity Ring will be a transformational research and development environment for innovation,” says Dennis R. Gatens, CEO and president of LEOcloud. “As humans expand their presence in LEO and establish a presence beyond LEO, the importance of edge computing grows exponentially. Space Edge services hosted on Orbital Assembly’s facilities are a natural extension of LEOcloud’s strategy where cloud edge computing must follow humans and machines to achieve mission success in LEO and beyond.”


This capability will greatly accelerate research where AI and analytics applications can be developed and tested on Earth, then seamlessly deployed to the Space Edge cloud with high confidence in their performance and behavior. This greatly enhances Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and terrestrial research collaboration, while reducing friction from application development to production.


LEOcloud’s vision for Space Edge cloud infrastructure and services is extensible from LEO to the Moon and beyond. Edge computing brings the workload compute resources as close as possible to the sources and users of data with the competitive and mission-critical advantages of latency, security, availability, and sovereignty.


“As we execute on our plan to construct habitable structures in space, hosting capabilties such as such as edge computing could provide significant revenue opportunities for OAC as well as an initial footprint for seamless hybrid cloud capabilities in space,” says Rhonda Stevenson, chief executive officer of Orbital Assembly Corp. “Supporting world-class cloud service providers, with an operating environment including Red Hat OpenShift, represents significant commercial validation for the Gravity Ring.”


Orbital Assembly is designing, constructing, and operating large-scale, habitable structures with gravity on-orbit, in cislunar space, and throughout the solar system, and will offer hosted payloads on its Gravity Ring (uncrewed) and Pioneer Station (crewed) spacecraft. 


About Orbital Assembly

Orbital Assembly Corporation is the world’s first large scale space construction company and a leader in industrial space development enabling humanity to work, play and thrive in the space ecosystem. The company is developing large gravity equipped platforms on orbit, between the Earth and the moon beginning in 2023. For more information about Orbital Assembly Corporation, please visit www.orbitalassembly.com.


About LEOcloud

LEOcloud believes the intersection of cloud and space will bring great benefit to commercial and government organizations. Our vision is to offer cloud services at the evolving space edge in order for our customers to realize the lowest latency, highest availability and strongest sovereignty and security for their business or mission critical workloads and services. LEOcloud has offices in the United States and Italy.


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