Adam Trumpour today announced the launch of Canada’s first-ever major rocket competition, the Launch Canada Rocket Innovation Challenge.

The competition is aimed at helping Canada’s highly motivated and rapidly growing student rocketry community to take their activities to the next level, while providing them with an unprecedented learning opportunity, harnessing the excitement of rocketry and space to promote STEM education, and generating public awareness of Canada’s space industry and talent.

“We have a unique opportunity to bring together Canada’s talented student and amateur rocketeers and give them a venue to be able to pursue their activities right here and demonstrate to Canada and the world just what we Canadians can accomplish when we dare to try great things.” says Trumpour.

The intent of the competition is to break down the silos between academia, industry and government, and unite them with Canada’s grassroots rocketeers. At the same time, it will place a major focus on innovation, and encourage the students to think entrepreneurially and develop not only hands-on engineering skills, but even novel technologies that could be of use to industry.

Having assisted in the design of the Base 11 Space Challenge, an ambitious $1 million US competition for the first student-built liquid-propellant rocket to reach space that is open to US and Canadian teams, Trumpour is now spearheading the effort to create a Canadian competition that will complement the Base 11 challenge.

“We were blown away by the amount of enthusiasm for the Base 11 Space Challenge that came out of Canada. Seeing how much raw rocketry talent is there, I’m excited to partner with the Launch Canada competition to help unlock that talent” says Landon Taylor, CEO of Base11.

The competition aims to take place annually, with the inaugural event in the summer of 2019.

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