Spinoff 2003, NASA’s premiere publication highlighting
the agency’s cutting-edge technologies, as the latest
innovations in commercial products, is available on the

Finding ways to apply NASA technology to improve life on
Earth is one of the most important by-products of the
agency’s aerospace exploration and research. Since NASA’s
inception in 1958, technologies resulting from the space
program have introduced hundreds of new or improved products
and processes to the American consumer.

Spinoff 2003 profiles the latest products incorporating space
innovation in health, medicine, transportation, recreation,
consumer products, public safety, computer and manufacturing
technology. Several products are featured, such as a hand-
held personal safety device that warns pilots of potentially
dangerous cabin-pressure altitude conditions, and the
cochlear implant, which has restored hearing for thousands of
individuals, and allowed thousands of others born deaf to
perceive sound for the first time.

In addition to showcasing 53 commercialized products, Spinoff
2003 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’
historic first flight. It has a special section highlighting
the vast aeronautical contributions made by NASA and its
predecessor, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics.

Spinoff 2003 also welcomes the Education Enterprise, NASA’s
newest enterprise, with an entire section devoted to the
agency’s 2002-2003 educational efforts. The publication also
features a reference resource to NASA’s technology transfer
network for those interested in accessing, using and
commercializing NASA technology. Internet versions of
Spinoff, beginning with the 1996 issue, are available at:


The Spinoff Web site also contains a searchable database of
more than 1,400 technologies featured over the past 28 years.
Contact information for companies and consumers is available
on the Internet at:


A free print copy or an interactive compact disc of Spinoff,
which will be available in several weeks, can be obtained
from the National Technology Transfer Center by telephone at:
800/678-6882. Information about the NASA Technology Transfer
Network is available at:


For information about NASA programs on the Internet, visit: