LASON, Inc. (LSSN) is pleased to
announce the completion of a three-month project contract with Wyle
Laboratories, Inc. located in Houston, TX, near Johnson Space Center.

In the summer of 2001 the extensive flooding in Houston, TX, caused
administrators at NASA, Johnson Space Center, Flight Medicine Clinic, to
establish the need for a more extensive disaster recovery and archival plan.
NASA personnel worked in conjunction with Wyle’s Life Sciences business unit
to identify critical document sets and prioritized records to be scanned and
digitally archived.

More than 600,000 pages of astronaut records and mission documentation
material were identified as the most critical documents to be immediately
preserved. These documents are critical to care and support of current and
future missions. In addition, with many documents dating back as early as the
Gemini and Apollo missions, these documents are part of the history of the
United States Space Program and represent a true national treasure.

LASON has extensive experience with converting and managing medical
records, has worked with NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and LASON’s
GSA Schedule allowed for quick involvement on the project. LASON personnel
worked with the Wyle and NASA teams to analyze the requirement and assemble
the right solution to meet their needs.

“There was always an awareness that these documents represented a national
treasure and that it was a responsibility to preserve them. We have been
extremely satisfied with the service delivered by LASON on every level,” said
Mary Wear, PhD, Epidemiology Section supervisor, Wyle.

This solution involved the delivery and configuration of a complete
production scanning system to be located at the Wyle facility. Due to the
urgent need to complete this project as quickly as possible, in May 2002, NASA
set a deadline of three months to complete all scanning and processing
required. This made it necessary for LASON to setup all onsite capabilities in
less than three days and required LASON to scan as many as 1,000 pages per

“Converting paper-based records to digital form marks the first step in
our long-term vision of creating a secure knowledge base that can provide NASA
the right information in the right form at the right time,” said Doug Butler,
Medical Informatics and Health Care Systems, Wyle.


LASON, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, is a leading provider of
integrated information management services, transforming data into effective
business communication, through capturing, transforming and activating
critical documents. LASON has operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico,
India and China. The Company currently has over 40 multi-functional business
centers and operates over 60-facility management sites located on customers’
premises. LASON is available on the World Wide Web at

About Wyle Laboratories

Wyle, with more than 1,500 employees at 13 major facilities across the
nation, is a diversified high tech engineering company. The company provides
life sciences services, technical support services and aerospace and
commercial test services. Wyle, which has worked on nearly every significant
U.S. space program in the past 40 years, currently operates under several
long-term NASA contracts at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, at Kennedy
Space Center at Cape Canaveral, FL, NASA Ames in California and at NASA
Langley at Hampton, VA.