KT SAT announced that it suggested establishing an alliance for LEO business to regional satellite operators at the World Satellite Business Week 2021 hosted by Euroconsult which is held in Paris, France with 95% of global satellite operators worldwide in attendance.

KT SAT CEO Kyungmin David Song attended as a panelist in the panel discussion by online with its topic of “How regional operators can adapt and differentiate in this increasingly competitive market environment?”. He drew audiences’ attention as he shared KT SAT’s vision for LEO business with creating a global alliance. Four panelists attended the discussion including Song, C-level executives from Hispasat(Spain), Turksat(Turkey) and Yahsat(Arab Emirates) respectively.

“KT SAT will engage in not only HTS satellite but also LEO business in order to occupy sufficient satellite capacity which is basic condition of competitiveness in satellite business.”, Song said. He also insisted that regional operators should survive from competitive threat of LEO through an alliance. Considering profitability and time to market, He said regional operators have to prepare diverse service portfolios by offering multi-orbit satellite connectivity which helps them to compete with global players like SpaceX, Amazon. In earlier times, KT SAT has already finished LEO constellation design and submitted ITU filings for LEO constellation to cope with market challenges.

Fierce competition in satellite market is currently expected as many operators participate in LEO business including World top IT companies. LEO satellite features its High through-put and low latency as its strong points compared to traditional GEO satellite. But still, it contains technology issues which have to be solved like gateways, ISL(Inter Satellite Link) and so on.

KT SAT also introduced its Hybrid solution developed by KT group with its in-house technology. Hybrid solution provides stable network connections and true seamlessness without any glitch. Moreover, the solution can be applied to any type of satellite and terrestrial network such as LEO, GEO, mobile network and etc. As multi-orbit satellites keep emerging, Hybrid solution is considered as a key for service providers to integrate diverse networks as a whole.