Kepler Space Institute announced Friday, February 19, 2021, that Ms. Susan Holden Martin, MBA, J.D. has been appointed Provost. Her position begins immediately.

“Susan has extraordinary academic and business expertise, and we are delighted that she is joining Kepler Space Institute,” said Dr. Bob Krone, Kepler Space Institute’s President.

Ms. Martin, excited to take on her duties as Provost, responded, “I am thrilled to be Provost at Kepler Space Institute. As Provost, my focus is on the academic soul of the institution. Ensuring academic quality, advancing the academic vision, and creating professional outlets for our graduates are my most important duties.”

Acclaimed and well-known author and historian Rod Pyle remarked “I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Martin in a variety of roles and found her to be enormously competent and capable in all of them—a rare trait. Our collaborations have included publishing, fundraising, and organizational structure, all within the aerospace/New Space areas. She is a diligent and indefatigable ally in any venture, a highly competent researcher, and is quite well-connected in a breadth of fields. Her work ethic is second to none, and the results transformational. I’m confident she will be a great asset to Kepler Space Institute.”

Ms. Holden Martin holds a doctorate in law and an MBA in Human Resource Management and Leadership.

Ms. Martin can be reached at