Kepler Communications announces a contract with data, analytics, and space services company, Spire Global Inc. (“Spire”) (NYSE: SPIR) to bring high-capacity Ku-Band Service to the company’s satellites. Through this contract, Spire will gain access to Kepler’s robust Ku-Band technology, enabling the company to provide additional value to space services customers. The agreement will see Spire install Kepler’s Ku-Band payload on three initial satellites, with the option to scale to up to fifty satellites. 

Kepler’s Ku-Band Service is a fully connected offering that combines the company’s software defined radio (SDR) technology and ground infrastructure to provide an end-to-end data transmission service. Kepler’s SDR payload has proven heritage, having successfully flown on 19 satellites over the past four years, and used continually to deliver data to users around the globe. Using this technology, Kepler has delivered an information rate of 300+ Mbps from low Earth orbit (LEO) on a 3.4m dish and 240 Mbps on a Kymeta flat panel antenna. Kepler is currently developing an upgraded path that would support 2.5 Gbps. 

“We are excited to offer a high-data rate solution, giving our customers the ability to deliver significantly larger quantities of data from their on-orbit assets,” said Diane Burchett, vice president of engineering for Kepler. “Spire Global is well positioned to be the lead client of the service, and we see a great deal of synergy between our offerings and the value Spire is creating for their customers.”

Flown as a hosted payload, Kepler’s Ku-Band Service enables high-capacity data transmission services to satellite operators, like Spire, by combining all required components into one solution. The physical Ku-Band payload, the data transmissions service utilizing Kepler’s spectrum licenses, and the terrestrial ground infrastructure all combine to create a solution that allows the operator to focus on their mission and leverage Kepler’s demonstrated expertise for data communication requirements. 

“Kepler is building a novel solution for ramping up data speed with their technology,” said Joel Spark, vice president of space services for Spire. “This collaboration is a step-forward in building the internet in space. We look forward to leveraging the Kepler network to accelerate the data download capacity and bring the most technologically enhanced capabilities to our space services customers.”

The first Spire Satellites with Ku-Band Service will launch in early 2023, with Kepler anticipating additional demand for the solution following the introduction of the offering in March at Satellite 2022. Coupled with Kepler’s ground infrastructure, the comprehensive solution will allow customers to deliver quantities of data beyond that previously possible.  


Kepler is a satellite telecommunications provider based in Toronto, Canada, and is backed by Tribe Capital, Canaan, Addition Capital, Costanoa Ventures, IA Ventures and other leading investors. Kepler’s mission is to bring the Internet outside of Earth.  To this end, Kepler is building an in-space telecommunications network through an incremental deployment of products and technologies. The first to launch and operate a Ku-Band satellite service in Low Earth Orbit, Kepler has expanded its capabilities with the successful launch of 19 satellites in their constellation and the commissioning of a satellite production facility at their Toronto headquarters. For more information visit and @KeplerComms 


Spire is a leading global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services, offering access to unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point so that organizations can make decisions with confidence, accuracy, and speed. Spire uses one of the world’s largest multi-purpose satellite constellations to source hard to acquire, valuable data and enriches it with predictive solutions. Spire then provides this data as a subscription to organizations around the world so they can improve business operations, decrease their environmental footprint, deploy resources for growth and competitive advantage, and mitigate risk. Spire gives commercial and government organizations the competitive advantage they seek to innovate and solve some of the world’s toughest problems with insights from space. Spire has offices in San Francisco, Boulder, Washington, D.C., Glasgow, Luxembourg, and Singapore. To learn more, visit

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