KSC Contact: Joe Gordon
KSC Release No. 152-99


Center Director Roy Bridges today will present a top-level look at the new KSC 2000 Reorganization to a civil
service workforce audience at 1 p.m. in the KSC Visitor Complex Universe Theater. The presentation will be
televised center-wide on closed-circuit television.

“We have eight objectives for meeting our commitments to fly safely while positioning our workforce to add more
value for current and future programs,” said Bridges.

Based on input from the reorganization team Bridges formed in late August, the center’s senior management team
decided on a new overall structure. Bridges will present a summary of the general functions of each new
organizational unit. He said that specific employee assignments will not be decided until February 2000. Initial
planning is scheduled to be complete in late February with announcement of the complete KSC 2000 organization
structure in late March followed by implementation in April. At that time, more detailed information regarding the
reorganization will be released.

Bridges said the driving forces for the change is a structure more than 30 years old, which has worked well, but
needs an update to effectively handle the center’s complex current and future agency assignments. In addition, he
said that a reduced workforce has left KSC with critical skill shortages, and that we must provide exciting challenges
to attract, develop and retain a highly competent, diverse, agile and flexible workforce. Bridges added, “None of the
center’s approximately 1,665 full-time, permanent civil service employees will lose his or her civil service status
because of the reorganization, but some people will have new opportunities within the new structure.”

Note to editors: News media may monitor Bridges’ presentation from the KSC Press Site News Center. KSC
media facilities will continue to receive STS-103 mission programming.