In January, 2016, we began reconstituting our Washington, DC based high level client advocacy and government relations activities. As a next step in the process of strengthening this commitment, we are pleased to announce that Kate Kronmiller is joining Jacobs as Vice President, Government Relations. Kate comes to Jacobs from Orbital ATK, where she represented Orbital ATK, and previously, Orbital, before NASA, DOD, the intelligence community and NOAA, and the US Congress. In her Orbital ATK role, Kate also worked closely with international organizations and foreign governments. Prior to her assignments with Orbital and Orbital ATK, she held comparable positions at United Space Alliance, which was primarily responsible for carrying out all aspects of Space Shuttle and International Space Station operations, as well as Rockwell International and Space Services Inc, where she helped shape policies and procedures for commercialization of space. Kate is associated with many industry and trade groups, and is an original co-founder of Women in Aerospace (WIA).

We are delighted to welcome Kate to this important leadership role supporting not only our Aerospace and Technology business, but our Buildings and Infrastructure business and other Jacobs business interests as well. Kate has extensive background in aerospace, defense, and intelligence, and is both well known and highly regarded in key Federal departments and agencies and on Capitol Hill. She brings deep knowledge, a broad network, boundless energy and strong leadership skills to Jacobs, and she’ll be bringing her talent and experience to bear on our broader national government business interests beyond NASA as well as we continue to shape and strengthen our Washington presence.

Kate will initially report to Bill, and as Bill transitions into retirement in the near future, she’ll report to Terry.

Please join us in welcoming Kate Kronmiller to the Jacobs team.