Japan’s first satellite re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and burnt up 20:45 Aug. 1
(UT) over 30.3 N and 25.0 E (around the border of Egypt and Libya). She was 33
years old after she was born Feb.11, 1970, launched from Kagoshima Space Center
using L-4S-5 launch vehicle by the Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science,
University of Tokyo (ISAS).

The test satellite was Japan’s first such solo effort. By the launch, Japan
became the fourth country in the world after Russia, the United States and
France, to accomplish the feat.

The main purpose of the mission was to test the launch scheme called gravity
turn to place the artificial satellite into orbit. It only functioned for 14-15
hours before shutting down, and took three decades to make its return journey.

[NOTE: Images supporting this release are available at
http://www.isas.ac.jp/dtc/news/ohsumi-e.html ]