Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. announced today that a subsidiary company received a contract to provide engineering and science services to NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas.

The five-year contract has a total potential value of $1.15 billion and an effective date of February 1, 2005.

JSC serves as NASA’s primary center for design, development, and testing of spacecraft and associated systems for manned flight; selection and training of astronauts; and planning and conducting manned missions. JSC also participates extensively in the medical, engineering, and scientific experiments carried out aboard space flights.

Under this contract, Jacobs’ areas of responsibility include providing engineering products and services for the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, and other spacecraft flight programs; design, development, certification, and production of hardware and software for NASA programs; operation and maintenance of on-site laboratories and facilities; curation of astromaterials collections; research of planetary materials for planetary missions, the Shuttle, and Space Station programs; research and development for new technology; and technology transfer and institutional support services.

As the prime contractor, Jacobs is drawing support from five major subcontractors: Hamilton Sundstrand; ERC, Inc.; Muniz Engineering Inc.; Barrios Technology; and GeoControl Systems, Inc.

With this contract award, Jacobs continues a productive partnership with NASA that currently includes support to Langley Research Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Stennis Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, and Ames Research Center.

In making the announcement, Jacobs President Craig Martin stated, “We are proud of our partnership with NASA and delighted to have this opportunity to continue our support of their vital programs. We look forward to playing a role in our nation’s return to flight activities and supporting President Bush’s new space exploration vision.”

Jacobs, with over 35,000 employees and revenues approaching $5.0 billion, provides technical, professional, and construction services globally.

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