WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., February 14, 2007 –ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) today announced that ITT’s Space Systems Division has successfully shipped to General Dynamics (Gilbert, Ariz.), the next-generation commercial imaging payload for the GeoEye-1 satellite. ITT’s contribution includes the design and manufacture of the electro-optical assembly (camera) that will take pan-sharpened, multi-spectral images of the earth with better than 0.5-meter resolution from 425 miles above the Earth. GeoEye plans to launch GeoEye-1 later this year from Vandenberg AFB, California.

“For more than 50 years, we have provided some of the most relied-upon eyes in space,” said Frank Koester, ITT Space System Division vice-president and director, Commercial and Space Science Systems. “We are proud to play a key role in this satellite, which will attain a degree of accuracy and ground resolution never before achieved in a commercial imaging system.”

Koester said the ITT imaging payload will capture information used to map and monitor a wide range of man-made and natural features on Earth.

“The detail and geospatial accuracy of the imagery taken by GeoEye-1 will further expand the applications for satellite imagery in many commercial and government market sectors,” he said.

The delivery of the GeoEye-1 payload is the second of three sensors to be supplied by ITT under the U.S. government’s NextView program. ITT delivered the first sensor to DigitalGlobe for its WorldView I satellite.

The GeoEye-1 satellite will be equipped with the most advanced technology ever used in a commercial remote sensing system. It will be able to precisely locate an object to within three meters of its true location on the surface of the Earth without the use of ground control points.

The ITT electro-optical “camera” delivered to General Dynamics, includes the optical telescope assembly, the detectors and focal plane assembly, and the high-speed digital processing electronics.

Features include the following:

* 3 Camera Modes:

Simultaneous panchromatic and multispectral (pan-sharpened)

Panchromatic only

Multispectral only

* Unprecedented ground spatial resolution of 0.41-meter panchromatic and 1.65-meter multispectral

* Approximately 700,000 square kilometers of imagery collection potential per day in the panchromatic mode and 350,000 square kilometers in the multispectral mode

* Real-time imagery downlinks to international ground station customers

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