Megatrax is proud to enter a strategic partnership, via a licensing agreement, with Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation (iROC), an Austin, Texas, based provider of content and brand marketing, for use exclusively off planet earth; above the Karman Line (62 miles above sea level).

Bruce Furst is the forward-thinking, Founder and CEO of iROC, formed in 2016. Bruce has been involved in licensing content for over Twenty Years, inclusive of being a direct licensee of the Paramount Pictures Film Library and Major League Baseball Players Association. He states, “I hope that as space tourism, and ultimately space colonization, comes to fruition iROC will be a leading provider of licensed entertainment content, product branding and broadcasting for the space community.”

Initially, the licensed content will be contoured for the demographics of the first wave of civilian tourist travelers into outer space through companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Mars One and NASA. However, with exponential progress predicted in suborbital and interplanetary space travel, iROC is rapidly moving forward to license diversified entertainment content and innovative products.

Megatrax is a global leader in production music with over Fifty Thousand original tracks. The company remains one of the only production music houses to maintain a professional world-class recording studio. On any given day, top LA session players, bands and orchestras visit their studios.