Today SpaceTech Analytics released a 120-page special analytical case study, Investment Digest of SpaceTech Industry 2021 / Q3.


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Why it’s important: In this 120-page case study, we cover general SpaceTech trends and strategic financial insights which would be relevant for investors, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders with the goal to raise the education level of those who are not already SpaceTech experts. In this report, we included the unique Methodology of SpaceTech Market Classification which allowed us to create the Spaceness Index that will be published very soon. 


The details: In the Q3 report, we have assembled information about key industry trends and more than:

  • 12,000 SpaceTech-related companies. 
  • 4,000 leading investors.
  • 14 industry sectors.
  • 170 publicly traded companies. 
  • 50 countries.

This is a comprehensive case study that provides an extended overview of SpaceTech financials by characterizing investors and companies from the space industry by a variety of factors. The Digest contains information about the most recent SpaceTech IPOs as well as companies and investors engaged in M&A or SPAC deals. In addition, SpaceTech Analytics assembled in-depth information about other investment instruments like SPVs and ETFs. Investment analysis provided includes information about sectors that gain the largest amount of fundings.


Some highlights from the Q3/2021:

  • The commercial SpaceTech sector is growing rapidly, creating attractive multi-billion opportunities for early entrants. 
  • The funding in the SpaceTech sector is growing at a fast pace.
  • SpaceTech could potentially bring higher profit than S&P 500 or ROKT and ITA stock indexes.
  • Larger and later stage (Series C and D) financing rounds are planned that will account for more than 75% of all investments in late 2021, demonstrating the maturing of the ecosystem as investors made bigger commitments to emerging category leaders.


Call for applications: Please let us know if you would be interested in participating and communicating a teaser of your company’s analytics and insights in the next report:


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