Just after the ignition of Ariane 5’s main stage Vulcain engine, the on-board computer detected an anomaly affecting electrical equipment on one of the two solid-propellant boosters (EAP). This anomaly led to an interruption of the automated lift-off sequence.

This interruption is perfectly compliant with our procedures which authorize a launch only if 100% of launcher equipment is fully operational. This rule guarantees the reliability and robustness of our launch system.

An analysis started immediately after the countdown interruption. It will continue to identify the anomaly’s cause and determine the measures to be taken in order to resume launch operations as soon as possible.

As the analysis is underway, Ariane 5 will be transferred to the Final Assembly Building (BAF) on Thursday, September 7, once the tanks have been purged. The two satellites, Intelsat 37e and BSAT-4a, are safe under the fairing atop the launcher.

As soon as the analysis of the anomaly has been completed, Arianespace will announce a new launch date. The objective is to launch around the end of September 2017.

This postponement does not affect the other launches scheduled for the end of 2017.