Media are invited to attend the global main stage event for NASA’s fifth annual International Space Apps Challenge, April 22-24 at Cross Campus in Pasadena, California, with NASA Astronaut Doug Wheelock, Chief Information Officer Renee Wynn, Deputy Chief Scientist Gale Allen, and Chief Technology Officer for IT Deborah Diaz.

Media who wish to attend the Pasadena event can contact Eldora Valentine no later than 5 pm EDT Wednesday April 20 at or 202-358-3968.

Throughout the event, questions can be asked on Twitter using the hashtag #spaceapps. The events also will stream live online at:

With events in more than 179 locations in 71 countries, this year’s challenge will include a Data Bootcamp on April 22, and a 48-hour hackathon April 23 and 24. More than 200 data sources, including data sets, services and tools will be available for the Space Apps challenge. This year, NASA is offering 25 challenges in six mission-related categories: Aeronautics, Earth, International Space Station, Journey to Mars, Solar System and Beyond, and Space Technology.

This event brings together techy-savvy citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and students to help solve problems and questions relevant to space exploration and broader subjects that impact life on Earth.

Follow the challenge on Twitter at: