Integral Systems, Inc. (Integral) (NASDAQ:ISYS) announced today that it has purchased the intellectual property and other assets relating to the satID product line from U.K.-based QinetiQ Group PLC. Satellite operators around the world use satID to geolocate the source of satellite interferers, jammers, and unauthorized users to ensure quality of satellite service. Integral Systems has utilized the satID capability in the RAIDRS program for the U.S. Air Force and other Integral Systems offerings. The satID product line and services will become a part of Integral Systems’ Space Communications group.

“We are excited to bring this capability in-house to enhance our space situational awareness product and system offerings for our customers,” stated John Higginbotham, chief executive officer, Integral Systems. “We are pleased to have on-going access to the excellent engineering skills of QinetiQ in the UK and we are delighted to pursue a working relationship with QinetiQ North America for key defense and intelligence community customers.”

Technology consultancy and other support services relating to the satID product line will be provided to Integral Systems by QinetiQ in the UK. This arrangement will allow for continuity of services and support to satID customers, while providing a technology relationship for further development of the satID product line.

In a separate agreement, Integral Systems and QinetiQ North America have agreed to pursue teaming arrangements on certain existing programs and jointly explore future programs for the national security marketplace.

“Integral Systems, Inc. is a leader in this industry and QinetiQ North America has a successful history of partnering with leading technology providers to bring innovative products to the marketplace,” said Rob Topping, QinetiQ North America’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with ISI to bring new solutions to our customers.”

The satID product will be integrated with Integral Systems’ Telemetrix(R), Compass(R), and Monics(R) products to provide a fully integrated capability to detect, characterize, and geolocate the source of satellite uplink communication signals with applications in commercial, military, government, and intelligence markets.

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