World View, the stratospheric exploration company, is pleased to announce that former SSL Chief Technology Officer and Vice President Dr. Matteo Genna has joined the company to lead engineering and manufacturing. Dr. Genna will provide executive leadership and direction in shaping World View’s future in pursuit of the company’s mission to pioneer a new economy in the stratosphere.
In his new role as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing, Dr. Genna will be responsible for leading the continued technical progress and development of all flight services and vehicles, including World View’s hallmark Stratollite platform, a balloon-borne vehicle analogous to a satellite that operates over customer-specified areas of interest for long duration missions. He brings more than 20 years of experience in leading engineering, product development, and manufacturing teams to World View. Combining innovation with best practice engineering and manufacturing, Dr. Genna specializes in strategically advancing a product to meet the needs of a growing market.
Building upon the progress achieved to date with the Stratollite, Dr. Genna will oversee the ongoing Stratollite development program and lead the Stratollite’s critical transition to full-up, large scale manufacturing and routine operations with worldwide deployment.
“World View is honored to welcome Matteo to the World View Team,” said Jane Poynter, World View co-founder and CEO. “Throughout his career, Matteo has demonstrated remarkable success in building and developing high performance teams and products. He is a great fit with our organizational culture and will be an exceptional leader for our innovative and growing team and mission.”
“World View has established itself as an innovation leader in stratospheric platforms to meet a wide range of mission applications. I am excited to be part of the World View team and play an active role in maturing the product line and growing the business,” said Matteo Genna, World View Senior Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing.

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About World View® Enterprises, Inc.

World View’s innovative flight technologies offer a unique perspective of Earth from the edge of space. World View delivers meaningful insights to enterprises, agencies, and individuals via two primary business segments: Stratollite un-crewed flight systems and Voyager human spaceflight systems. Stratollites, in operation today, offer low-cost, long-duration, persistent high-altitude flight for enterprise and government agencies. Using advanced stratospheric balloon technology, Stratollite applications include communications, remote sensing, weather, and research. The Voyager human spaceflight experience will leverage existing Stratollite development and operations experience to one day offer private citizens a comfortable, safe, and perspective-changing voyage to the edge of space via high-altitude balloon. To learn more about World View, visit