As kids head back to school around the country and educators look for new and different ways to connect with students, AMC Theatres (AMC) and IMAX Corporation (IMAX) are excited to announce an upcoming opportunity to engage space fans both young and old through the launch of IMAX® Space Week at several AMC IMAX locations nationwide, Oct. 14-20.

IMAX Space Week brings a series of immersive IMAX documentaries about space exploration and our planet, as well as an array of space blockbusters from the last few years, including this summer’s STAR TREK BEYOND, with tickets available at the best value pricing at participating AMCs.

“We believe in the ability of movies to educate, inspire, transcend and transform us,” said Elizabeth Frank, EVP, Chief Content & Programming Officer at AMC. “We at AMC, in conjunction with our IMAX partners, are proud to use our industry-leading technology and best-in-class guest service to welcome students, educators, space enthusiasts and movie lovers back to big screens for a week of interplanetary education and intergalactic enjoyment.”

AMC is offering a variety of ways for guests to enjoy IMAX Space Week. Each morning, guests can enjoy the Space Education Experience, viewing two 40-minute IMAX documentaries for just $8 per ticket. Educator’s Guides are available for each film to initiate discussion and enhance learning. For the remainder of the day, guests can purchase a ticket to the IMAX Space Feature for the IMAX morning price all day. And for those movie lovers who really want to make the most of their Space Week experience, for $20-$25 depending on location, guests can purchase an IMAX Space Pass, which provides unlimited access to all of the space-filled excitement throughout the week.

Space Education Experience Space Feature Film

Friday 10/14 A Beautiful Planet (3D) & Hubble (3D) GRAVITY (3D)
Saturday 10/15 Space Station (3D) & Blue Planet (2D) INTERSTELLAR (2D)
Sunday 10/16 Hubble (3D) & Space Station (3D) STAR TREK (2D)
Monday 10/17 Blue Planet (2D) & Hubble (3D) STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (3D)
Tuesday 10/18 Space Station (3D) & Beautiful Planet (3D) STAR TREK BEYOND (3D)
Wednesday 10/19 A Beautiful Planet (3D) & Blue Planet (2D) THE MARTIAN (3D)
Thursday 10/20 *Space Education Experience Films Offered All Day

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