ILC Dover, the leading provider of spacesuits since the Apollo era, today announced that it was selected to be one of two providers of Boeing’s Ascent/Entry Suit (AES) for the company’s Commercial Crew Program and has developed a bespoke AES spacesuit for CST-100 Starliner crews. 


“We are proud to utilize our expertise to create a new AES for the Starliner spacecraft,” said Patty Stoll, President of Space Systems and Engineered Solutions at ILC Dover. “Having worked with the Boeing team on the Starliner’s landing airbags, which provide a safe, cushioned arrival to Earth from space, we understood the importance of delivering another quality product for this program.”


The Boeing AES is based off ILC Dover’s commercial Launch, Entry, and Abort suit, SOLTM. ILC Dover worked with Boeing to tailor SOL for the Starliner spacecraft to provide protection for astronauts during the most critical phases of spaceflight, including launch, docking, re-entry and landing.. With over 50 years of spacesuit experience, the AES suit was designed to provide maximum mobility to operate, enter and exit the spacecraft, as well as provide protection for astronauts in case of an emergency.


“Our success is measured by those we’ve helped return to Earth safely for over 50 years of space travel and we will continue to provide spacesuits and soft solutions that will keep astronauts safe in the harsh environment of space,” said Stoll. 


Working with ILC Dover’s in-house fashion designer, the cover layer of the spacesuit was designed with a unique look for Starliner crew members.


A replica of the Starliner AES will be on display on Florida’s Space Coast at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s new attraction called Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex. ILC Dover and Boeing worked with Adam Savage, television personality and longtime special effects designer and fabricator, to create the replica.


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