Explore Mars, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2017 Humans to Mars Summit (H2M) will take place on May 9-11, 2017 at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  H2M is an annual exploration conference that addresses the major technical, scientific, and policy challenges that need to be overcome in order to send humans to Mars by the early 2030s.

H2M is the largest and most comprehensive conference in the world focused on getting humans to Mars – and the 2017 edition of H2M is shaping up to be our biggest and grandest yet.

“The timing for this event couldn’t be more appropriate,” stated Explore Mars CEO, Chris Carberry. “H2M 2017 will be taking place just a few months after a new administration and Congress take office and at a time when vital decisions will have to be made in order for us to see humans step on the surface of Mars by the early 2030s”.

In addition to expert speakers and luminaries, the 2017 H2M will feature discussions on such critical topics as STEM education, policy challenges, public engagement, mission architecture options, science updates and goals, agriculture on Mars, virtual reality, and international partnerships.

“From the NASA workshop to determine where humans will put that first foot on Mars, to STEaM student competitions, to articles in national and international media, all have Mars on their mind, and H2M Summits play their role in bringing the day closer that humans will be a two-planet species”, said Explore Mars President, Artemis Westenberg.

Early registration for the Humans to Mars Summit will begin in October 2016.