WHEN: Tuesday, July 29th, 2003 – (9:30a.m. Start Time)

WHERE: L’Garde Inc., 15181 Woodlawn Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780

On July 29th, at L’Garde, Inc. (Tustin, CA), Team Encounter, LLC will
announce and unveil the revolutionary new propulsion system that will power
Humanity’s First Starship – a “solar sail.”

This sail technology is being developed by Team Encounter and L’Garde with
assistance from the NASA Langley Research Center under the terms of a
memorandum of agreement. When ultimately deployed on Team Encounter’s
mission, the sail will cover almost 1.2 acres – the largest single structure
ever deployed in space – and should be visible from the surface of planet
Earth. The sail will propel the Team Encounter spacecraft (named Humanity’s
First Starship) into deep space at a speed of approximately 67,000 miles per
hour (four times the speed of the Space Shuttle).

Team Encounter has selected MicroSat Systems, Inc., as the provider of the
spacecraft carrier bus for the upcoming space missions. MicroSat Systems,
Inc. is a Colorado-based company that designs, develops, integrates, tests
and operates high performance satellites and spacecraft subsystems,
including lightweight thin film solar arrays and multi-functional composite

The 4,900 square meter, solar sail is being designed and built by L’Garde,
Inc. Founded in 1971, L’Garde has designed and manufactured approximately
150 inflatable objects that have successfully flown in space.

“Solar sail technology provides a low cost alternative to conventional
propulsion, opens new opportunities to develop deep space exploration
missions, and enables a variety of new applications to enhance Earth
observation and weather forecasting,” said Charles M. Chafer, president of
Team Encounter.

Team Encounter and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, together, will host
a live unveiling of this major advancement in space propulsion technology.
20th Century Fox has, over many years, produced many science fiction films
whose themes, technologies, and environments have predicted future
realities. From the solar sail craft of PLANET OF THE APES to the notion of
interacting with extraterrestrial intelligence embedded in the motion
picture SOLARIS, Fox has inspired many generations of space enthusiasts and
future scientists. To celebrate the important role of science fiction in
the creation of all of Earth’s space programs, Team Encounter will include a
DVD copy of SOLARIS in the payload container of the Team Encounter

“SOLARIS is the perfect film for inclusion aboard Humanity’s First
Starship,” said Chafer. “A thought provoking tale of human interaction with
extraterrestrials, Solaris reminds us that all may not be predictable as we
pursue our destiny in space. In many ways the launching of Humanity’s First
Starship is an act of faith and the inclusion of Solaris is recognition that
our great expedition of discovery may very well encounter the unknown.”

Together with the first motion picture ever transported into outer space,
aboard the Team Encounter spacecraft will be “virtual passengers” – people
from all over the world who will participate in this historic mission by
submitting their personal photos, messages, and biological “signatures” (in
the form of micro hair samples), for inclusion on the payload container.
Schools around the world are signing on and will use this mission as part of
their curriculum for children to learn about, participate in, and enjoy the
mission. This new form of interstellar travel – akin to the Noah’s Ark of
the 21st Century – will carry this precious payload like a “cosmic message
in a bottle,” beyond the solar system as an archival record of humankind for
any cosmic discoverers to find in the years to come.

Team Encounter believes that this mission shows that with the emergence of
global cooperation, even amidst international unrest, countries can
peacefully join together in offering this unprecedented opportunity to

For more information on Team Encounter visit www.TeamEncounter.com or call