WHAT:   Joint Hearing on, “Commercial Human Spaceflight”

WHEN:   Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 10:00 A.M.

WHERE:  216 Hart Senate Office Building

Subcommittees of the House Science and Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committees will hold a joint hearing tomorrow to explore the future of commercial ventures in space.  Witnesses will discuss potential markets for space tourism, regulatory hurdles, and private sector technology development.

Scheduled to testify:

  • Mr. Phil McAlister, Director, Space and Telecommunications Industry Analysis Division, Futron Corporation. 
  • Mr. Dennis Tito, founder and CEO, Wilshire Associates, Inc.
  • Mr. Elon Musk, founded two Internet companies Zip2 Corporation and PayPal
  • Mr. Jeff Greason, co-founder of XCOR
  • Jon Kutler, Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Quarterdeck Investment Partners, LLC