Global media company Space Hero today introduced a team of high-level US advisors, spearheaded by industry veteran Lauren Berkowitz and David Anderman, who was most recently the General Counsel of SpaceX. In their advisory roles, Berkowitz and Anderman are tasked with guiding Space Hero on strategy, global development, and go-to-market.


“We could not be more thrilled to welcome Lauren and David at Space Hero,” said Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass, Founding Partners and CO-CEOs of Space Hero. “With them at the helm of our US group, we’re confident we can continue to expand our global presence and advance our core mission of bringing the opportunity for space travel to more people around the world.”


Anderman brings a unique skillset to Space Hero, having been the General Counsel of SpaceX and the COO/General Counsel of Lucasfilm Ltd. 


“Space Hero is blazing a path in the space media business, and I am excited to use my experience in both fictional space and real space to bring these projects to a global audience,” said Anderman.  


While at SpaceX, Anderman helped with the first-ever launch of astronauts by a private company, the maiden flight of Starship (SpaceX’s Mars colony ship), and the rollout of the Starlink global satellite internet system.  Prior to SpaceX, Anderman spent 16 years with George Lucas’ entertainment empire, Lucasfilm Ltd., starting as a junior lawyer and rising through the ranks to become its General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.


Berkowitz is a visionary in emerging product strategy, innovation leadership, and commercialization.


“Space Hero gives a global audience an opportunity to engage with space. The intersection between space and media today reminds me of when the internet and music first collided. I’m thrilled to help Space Hero accelerate the trajectory of Space into Pop Culture,” said Berkowitz.


Berkowitz has led some of the world’s top startups and enterprises in leveraging transformative technologies, executing first-of-their-kind deals, and gaining early leadership positions in emerging trillion-dollar markets. Before her advisory role with Space Hero, Berkowitz worked as Chief Business Executive at Elemental Cognition. Prior to that, she served as part of the core management team at Bridgewater Associates. was a Managing Director at IBM and held leadership positions at Universal and Sony Music. She holds an MBA and a JD from Suffolk University. 


About Space Hero

Space Hero is a first-of-its-kind, global media company that unites citizens around the world and inspires community, collaboration and innovation here on Earth through a bi-annual competition where people from all walks of life have the chance to compete and selec
t one of their peers for a mission to space. Through interactive, immersive, produced and user-generated content, the Space Hero platform encourages participants and fans to be inspired by the wonder of space to create change at home.