Zymo Research Corporation is taking epigenetics research to the next level … outer space. DNA, that was bisulfite converted using the EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning™ Kit manufactured by Zymo Research Corporation, will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS), as part of the inaugural “Genes in Space” challenge. The contest invites young scientists to design a DNA experiment that uses PCR to test their scientific hypothesis. The winning experiment will be conducted in the unique environmental conditions aboard the ISS. The winner will present the results at the ISS R&D (International Space Station Research & Development) Conference to be held July 12-14, 2016 in San Diego, CA.

“As the leading epigenetics research company, we are always excited to contribute to any advancement in our field,” said Dr. Larry Jia, CEO and Founder of Zymo Research Corporation. “That excitement is doubled when we can help a young scientist achieve something truly amazing.”

Genes in Space winner, Anna-Sophia Boguraev, 17, chose to investigate how epigenetics plays a role in the significantly weakened immune systems of astronauts returning from outer space. She and her mentors from MIT and Harvard selected the Zymo Research kit for its quality and speed. The EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning™ Kit is the most cited kit in scientific research for being the fastest and most reliable method for complete bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation analysis. “Every moment I’m spending in the world of science research is only making me more excited for my future,” said Boguraev, in an article she wrote for the January 2016 issue of World Student. “I’m so glad and honored to have an opportunity like this.”

Meet Anna-Sophia Boguraev | 2015 Genes In Space Winner

Meet Anna-Sophia Boguraev, the 17-year-old scientist who’s sending a DNA experiment to the International Space Station. Video clip courtesy of NASA TV

Posted by Center for the Advancement of Science in Space on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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