NSS-12 and Thor 6, operating with three GMV systems, blasted off on same launcher

Rockville, Md.–GMV, a worldwide leader in space-mission ground systems and satellite flight dynamics with North American headquarters in Rockville, Md., attributes its 2009 growth in the space sector to innovative product developments.

Thirteen satellites using GMV technology have launched in 2009, including LRO, Herschel-Plank, NSS-12 and Thor 6. In addition to those, four other satellites currently in orbit will add GMV’s monitoring and control systems to their operation. Finally, two additional launches incorporating GMV technology are scheduled before the end of the year.

The latest satellite brought under complete control of GMV systems is the NSS-12 of SES World Skies (part of SES group), which launched in October of this year. The satellite features 40 C-band transponders and 48 Ku-band transponders as well as elaborate beam interconnectivity and C-/Ku-band cross-strapping. It delivers direct-to-home (DTH) power and performance through four regional Ku-band spot beams over the Middle East/Europe, South and Central Asia and, for the first time, East Africa. It is estimated that the satellite will give coverage to two thirds of the world’s population. GMV developed NSS-12’s control and monitoring system using its in-house system, hifly(R).

“The project presented a significant challenge due to the sheer complexity of the Loral 1300 platform that NSS-12 is based on,” said Theresa Beech, GMV Managing Director and Vice President. “But, the satellite has been successfully processing hifly(R) telemetry since it began to be transmitted, with a smooth transfer of operations to SES and complete control by hifly(R) occurring in early December.”

Used by many of the world’s leading aerospace companies, hifly(R) is one of GMV’s groundbreaking products developed on the strength of its investments during the last 10 years.

NSS-12 was launched together with Telenor’s Thor 6 satellite, for which GMV provided two systems: focusGEO for flight dynamics operations and smart rings for payload operations.

About GMV:

GMV is one of the leading suppliers of satellite ground systems in the world, and is the global leader in satellite flight dynamics for all types of satellite missions (LEO, MEO, GEO, HEEO and interplanetary). GMV has been providing satellite ground systems to satellite manufacturers, commercial operators, integrators, and Space Institutions around the world for over 24 years. There are currently more than 125 satellites being operated from six continents and 25 countries with GMV’s operational software. GMV’s U.S. headquarters are in Rockville, Md. and its European headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. More information about GMV and its products can be found at www.gmv.com.