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The Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer aircraft is at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., completing final preparations before taking off on its record-setting flight. The window for the attempt opens on Jan. 28. Virgin Atlantic has not scheduled an exact launch date.

To cover this event, media without permanent press credentials should submit requests via the accreditation Web site at https://media.ksc.nasa.gov as soon as possible. International media must submit accreditation requests by close of business, Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Steve Fossett will pilot the GlobalFlyer on this record-breaking attempt by flying solo, non-stop without refueling, to surpass the current record for the longest flight of any aircraft. The flight will begin from Kennedy’s Space Shuttle Landing Facility.

The agreement between Virgin Atlantic Airways and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., for use of the shuttle landing facility is the result of a pilot program designed to expand access to the space shuttle’s runway and landing facility for non-NASA activities.

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