COMSPOC Corp. — a global leader in space situational awareness (SSA), space domain awareness (SDA), and space traffic coordination and management (STCM) — commences as an independent company and no longer a subsidiary of Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI). 


COMSPOC retains all SSA/STCM intellectual property, contracts, the products and services associated with SSA, SDA, and STM as well as its research arm, the Center for Space Standards and Innovation (CSSI), and the free space data service, CelesTrak. COMSPOC will also continue to provide staffing and resources for several global organizations including the Space Data Association and the Space Safety Coalition.


Travis Langster serves as Vice President and General Manager of COMSPOC, the first- of-its-kind commercial command center for SSA. This cloud-hosted platform curates, fuses, and processes sensor measurements from a global network of commercial sensors to deliver unmatched commercial SSA and STCM services for safety of spaceflight and Space Domain Awareness services for national security space missions.


“Space-based services provide critical infrastructure needs required to operate in today’s challenging space environment and to address the growing threats to our nation’s economic and national security,” said Langster. “Our entire team is focused on presenting solutions to enable a space domain where everything is tracked, detected, and protected. The COMSPOC staff is comprised of world renowned subject matter experts that have been actively involved in executing this vision with decades of operational expertise not only for customers, but also for the global space community. We are hyper-focused on accurate and precise space domain awareness and delivering actionable information to empower our customers to better understand and operate in the complex space environment.”


COMSPOC and its team of subject matter experts continue to serve as sought-after thought leaders on SSA and STCM, particularly over the last several months as policymakers continue to discuss transitioning commercial SSA/STCM services to the Department of Commerce.


“The time is now to transition non-military SSA/STCM services from the Department of Defense to the Department of Commerce’s Office of Space Commerce,” said Langster. “We applaud the due diligence informed by the NAPA report and the leadership of the National Space Council and strongly support Congress  providing the necessary funding so OSC can begin to oversee the function of protecting the critical infrastructure provided by space-based services.”


COMSPOC and AGI, an Ansys company, will operate as strategic partners, and Paul Graziani will serve as CEO of COMSPOC.


COMSPOC is headquartered in Exton, PA, with satellite facilities in Colorado and the Washington D.C metro area.





COMSPOC provides software products and services that help customers understand and manage the complex space environment by delivering precise space domain awareness. Our safety of flight and mission assurance services are the most accurate and complete in the private sector. COMSPOC software products provide comprehensive analysis capabilities for the space operations community.