Satellite imagery and data is helping agriculture companies grow to new heights.  Geosys, the agricultural division of EarthDaily Analytics, has reported significant growth in 2021 as demand for geoanalytic data rises.  

“Geosys has achieved significant growth thus far in 2021 fueled by its focus on fintech and Brazil” said Don Osborne, Chief Executive Officer of EarthDaily Analytics. “Earth Observation demand is on the rise globally as clear, accurate, and consistent data is becoming a necessity in our rapidly evolving world

Geosys is a data and analytics company that develops world-first technologies in data services, satellite imagery processing, machine learning, and actionable insights. Geosys offers customers across multiple industries the ability to verify, validate, predict, and forecast using advanced Earth Observation imaging and enhanced geospatial analytics. 

“Adding to Geosys’ roster of longstanding clients such as Winfield United, new 2021 clients include global industry leaders Kernel, Traive, Maïsadour, MHP, and Lidea,” said Dave Gebhardt, General Manager of Geosys. “Existing valued customers Soyl, Boortmalt, and GrainCorp also renewed their services in 2021.”

To support their growing list of clients, Geosys has expanded their global staff. This year, they have added team members to their offices in Brazil, a critical location for agricultural Earth Observation. Geosys also increased their data science department. A total of 4 industry veterans joined their leadership team over the last nine months.  Geosys has also announced that they will be opening a new office in Singapore in the first quarter of 2022. “We are thrilled to be adding to our team of experienced Earth Observation and analytics experts,” added Gebhardt.

Earth Observation has become critical across multiple industries, with data being used to drive business decisions and forecast potential environmental changes around the globe. EarthDaily is currently building the EarthDaily Constellation, a new satellite constellation with unprecedented change detection capabilities. It will significantly enhance geospatial analytics capabilities in agriculture, forestry, environment, financial services, and defense and intelligence, among many other verticals. Construction of the EarthDaily Constellation began in September 2021, with launches scheduled in 2023. The new satellites will collect scientific-grade imagery of the planet every day in a unique combination of 23 spectral bands, many of which will be 5-meter resolution. For more information about Geosys and the EarthDaily Constellation, visit: 

“Geosys is proud to be a provider of the most timely, accurate data in Agriculture,” concluded Gebhardt. “As we continue to grow with industry demand, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class advanced Earth Observation imaging and enhanced geospatial analytics.”

Geosys will be hosting a series of informational webinars about how Geosys clients such as Traive  are using geospatial data to reduce risk and enhance ROI in decision making in Agriculture. Interested parties can learn more here.

About Geosys

Geosys is the first global digital agriculture company founded by agronomists. With 30 years of industry experience, Geosys provides customers with the data, analysis and knowledge they need to make more efficient and effective decisions. B2B services range from global risk management and monitoring of agricultural commodities to the marketing of inputs and precision agriculture consulting, using the latest research in agronomy, information technologies and remote sensing. Geosys also develops highly customized business solutions for agricultural lenders, insurers, input suppliers and food companies, with easy-to-use analytics, that help reduce the daily risks of agriculture. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices in Europe, Australia and Brazil. A division of EarthDaily analytics Geosys provides space age data and analytics for the organizations and people who feed the planet.