GeoEye-1’s Camera Delivered to General Dynamics for Integration

DULLES, Va., Jan. 19, 2007 – GeoEye, the world’s largest commercial satellite imaging company (Nasdaq: GEOY), announced today the delivery of the camera for its next-generation commercial imaging satellite to General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems in Gilbert, Arizona for integration into the satellite. When operational, GeoEye-1 will be the world’s highest resolution commercial imaging satellite.

ITT (Rochester, New York) built the sensor, optical telescope assembly, detectors and focal plane assembly, and the high-speed digital processing electronics. The sensor is the single most important component of GeoEye-1 and it is considered a major milestone when the sensor is delivered to the prime contractor.  The sensor was delivered to General Dynamics earlier this week.

The major components have now been delivered and the process of integration and testing has begun in preparation for launch.  However, GeoEye believes it is possible that integration and testing may not be concluded in time to support a launch this spring for which it is currently scheduled.  As a result of this and the busy Delta II launch schedule, GeoEye is working towards a launch from Vandenberg AFB, Calif. during the third quarter of 2007.

GeoEye-1 will be lifted into a near-polar orbit by a Delta II launch vehicle procured by Boeing Launch Services (Huntington Beach, Calif.) from United Launch Alliance, Denver, Colo. This launch vehicle is the most reliable launch vehicle in its class.

“Getting the major components in house and in good condition is a critical achievement toward the successful completion of the program,” said Bill Schuster, GeoEye’s chief operating officer. “The effort now is to bring these pieces together and to thoroughly test the fully integrated system prior to launch to ensure that GeoEye-1 will meet all program performance objectives when it is placed into service. Our goal is 100 percent mission success.

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