Do you have space junk or space treasure in your closet? Look closely, you
just might have a valuable piece of space memorabilia! Michael Orenstein
and Victoria Campbell of Aurora Galleries International return to The Space
Store Wednesday, September 10th through Friday September 12th, from 10 am
to 6 pm each day, to evaluate and appraise space memorabilia and

Their expertise includes flown and unflown equipment, spacesuits, helmets,
autographs, training manuals and handbooks, patches and medallions, models,
mockups and more. Aurora Galleries International, located in Bell Canyon
(Los Angeles), California, is known and respected worldwide for their sale
and auction of space and aviation memorabilia. (Note: Mr. Orenstein will
travel to appraise larger collections. Please call 818-884-6468 for an

At the Space Road Show held earlier this year at The Space Store, Aurora
accepted a consignment of an autographed Apollo 11 EKG – that piece sold for
$27,500 at the Aurora Galleries Space & Aviation Auction this past spring.
Other consigned items that sold at that last Aurora space auction included:
a flown STS-32 patch ($325), a General Dynamics Lunar Return Study
Configuration Model ($4250), a flown Apollo 15 cover ($4500) and a Grumman
Lunar Lander Model ($700).

The Aurora Galleries representatives will be on hand to appraise space
collectibles and memorabilia at no charge and to accept consignments for
anyone wishing to arrange sale of their items in the Aurora Galleries Fall
2003 Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction to be held in Bell Canyon,
California in November.

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