NASA Deputy Administrator to Build Aerospace and Defense Consulting Team 

Edgewater, Md., (March 28, 2006) – The Lohfeld Consulting Group announced today that former NASA Deputy Administrator Frederick D. Gregory has accepted a position with the corporation as Managing Director, Aerospace and Defense Strategies.  Mr. Gregory will lead the Aerospace and Defense strategy practice offering consulting services to aerospace, defense and information technology companies to assist in the development and execution of their strategies in government and international markets.

Prior to joining Lohfeld Consulting, Mr. Gregory served as Deputy Administrator and Acting Administrator of NASA overseeing operations of headquarters and all field centers.  He helped shape the nation’s aerospace agenda, setting the direction for new initiatives including the development of NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle, plans for human return to the Moon and human exploration of Mars.  He has served as NASA’s Associate Administrator for Space Flight overseeing the agency’s manned space program.  He also served as Associate Administrator for Safety and Mission Assurance.  During his tenure as Associate Administrator for Space Flight and Associate Administrator for Safety and Mission Assurance, 60 Space Shuttle missions were flown with no Space Shuttle or International Space Station mishaps or major launch, on-orbit, or re-entry issues. As an Astronaut, he flew three missions on the Space Shuttle serving as Mission Commander on two, and as crew member of a third mission.

Bob Lohfeld, President of Lohfeld Consulting Group, said, “We are very pleased to have such an outstanding individual as Fred Gregory join our consulting practice.  We believe he will make a major contribution to our clients in the aerospace, defense and information technology markets and will help them build and execute their business development strategies both nationally and internationally.  We are particularly excited about consulting engagements with companies interested in advancing the nation’s domestic and international space and aeronautics goals.”

“Fred has already proven to be an invaluable strategist for several of our current clients and we are seeing interest from new clients inquiring about long-term consulting engagements.  I fully expect these clients to consume a significant portion of his available time, filling his consulting schedule within the next 60 days.”

Gregory’s experience includes chairing the Multilateral Coordination Board (MCB) for the International Space Station.  The Board manages all long-term and significant operational issues and establishes roadmaps and strategic planning.  Memberships on the MCB included Ministry and Space Agency senior executives from the United States, Japan, Canada, Europe and Russia.  He is also a research test pilot qualified in both rotary and fixed winged aircraft.  He participated in numerous flight test operations in both high and low speed regimes and in simulation. 

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Military Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Science in Information Systems from the George Washington University.

The Lohfeld Consulting Group, Inc. provides management and business development consulting services to government contractors.  Services include Market Research and Analysis, Strategy Development and Execution Assistance, Business Development Outsourcing Services, Capture and Proposal Management Services and Business Development Training.  The company is headquartered in Edgewater, Maryland and will open offices in Vienna, VA in June.  For more information, visit the corporation’s website at or contact Bob Lohfeld at 410-336-6264 or by email at

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