Historic Zero-Gravity Flight with Professor Stephen Hawking On Schedule for April 26, 2007

Satellite Feed Advisory – April 25th Test Flight

 Who/What: Zero Gravity Corporation, the provider of weightless flight experiences for the general public, will host renowned British cosmologist and best-selling author, Professor Stephen Hawking, aboard a historic zero-gravity flight on April 26, 2007. In preparation for the actual flight, Zero Gravity Corporation has scheduled a test flight for later today.

Space Florida, the organization charged with promoting commercial space in the state of Florida, is a sponsor of Professor Hawking’s flight. Space Florida’s latest venture with the Zero Gravity Corporation – the creation of Florida’s Microgravity Education and Research Center – has given a Florida teacher and student the opportunity to be involved in Professor Hawking’s zero gravity experience.

Ted Straight, an 8th grader at Stone Middle School in Melbourne, FL, will be a stand-in for Hawking on the test flight scheduled for later today.

Susan Harris, a teacher at Hill-Gustat Middle School in Highlands County, FL, will participate in the test flight in preparation for her flight coach duties on Hawking’s zero-gravity flight scheduled for Thursday, April 26.  The corporate sponsor for the Hawking flight is The Sharper Image.

When: April 25, 2007 – Hawking Test Flight

B-Roll Contains:

– Visuals of flight training with Professor Stephen Hawking, Ted Straight and Susan Harris.

– Visuals of Test Flight, including Ted Straight as Professor Hawking’s body double.

– Sound bites from:

– Peter Diamandis, CEO of Zero Gravity Corporation
– Steve Kohler, President of Space Florida
– Ted Straight, 8th grade student at Stone Middle School in Melbourne, FL

Satellite Transmission Information:

Time: 8:00-8:30pm EST (20:00 – 20:30 Military time)
KU Analog Satellite:  Galaxy 11 transponder K-13
Uplink Frequency:  14260 MHz (V)
Downlink Frequency: 11960 MHz (H)
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