DUE DATE for the 2018 MUREP Innovation and Tech Transfer Idea Competition (MITTIC) has been extended to November 16th, 2018 
Announcement Number: MITTIC2018, Released September 27, 2018
MUREP Innovation and Tech Transfer Idea Competition (MITTIC) is a spinoff challenge established to develop new ideas for commercialization by seeking concept papers from multi-disciplinary student teams enrolled at a Minority Serving Institution (MSI). The due date for concept papers being submitted to NSPIRES in response to MITTIC is NOVEMBER 16, 2018.
·       Proposers are required to register with NSPIRES for the submission. To register in NSPIRES please go to http://nspires.nasaprs.com.  
·       Please request affiliation with the NASA OE Fellowship Submission Office, if you experience problems affiliating with your organization.
​Full details for the MITTIC (open to Minority Serving Institutions) can be found at the following link: https://nspires.nasaprs.com/external/solicitations/summary.do?solId=%7B63F2ADDF-85E4-72C4-690A-9DF47739D98A%7D&path=&method=init
Email questions to HQ-MITTIC@mail.nasa.gov