Global Aerospace Summit: Precious Payload today unveils its new interface for booking commercially available launch slots online via Launch Schedule for Small Satellites, starting with new Turion Space and Transporter 11 mission pages. This interface offers everything satellite developers need to book a launch and prepare their payload for the rideshare.

More and more, new companies like Turion are providing advanced in-space mobility solutions for teams planning missions in the next two to three years. Precious Payload helps satellite teams take advantage of these solutions today and incorporate them into their mission’s design. 

Co-founder and CEO of Precious Payload Andrew Maximov said, “We’re not just making shiny marketing pages. Instead, our goal is to give actionable data as early as possible to engineers planning the launch of their next mission. Having this information can help solidify the mission design earlier and avoid costly changes in the future.”

The new launch pages have up-to-date information about service provider capabilities such as payload user guides, test requirements, hardware heritage, drop-off points, in-orbit maneuvers, risk analyses, and regulator requirements—everything payload engineers need to integrate into their mission designs.

Co-founder and CEO of Turion Space Ryan said, “This partnership with Precious Payload helps us get traction all over the world and tailor future iterations of our hardware to changing market conditions. We want to work with clients who are technically qualified to leverage our systems; Precious Payload’s interface reduces the time it takes to qualify the lead.”

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With the advance of new launch systems such as the Starship, space tugs, and medium-sized launch vehicles with innovative upper stages, the market is rapidly changing. It’s important to provide updated mission planning tools to payload developers now so they can more easily map out their next steps. 

Precious Payload’s first real execution of this strategy was to provide its API to IENAI Space. The company will continue building individual pages for preferred global launch providers over the next several months.

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About Precious Payload

Precious Payload is a US/UAE space tech company building software for engineering teams to design custom space missions from ready-made modules. Precious Payload’s product saves engineering time for space companies to work on what really matters: the technology. 

About Turion Space

Turion Space is a US space startup focused on developing dual-use technology to ensure a sustainable future in space. By building spacecraft to move around in space (and capturing images of them when they’re not) they aim to advance their technology to provide an affordable solution for orbital debris removal and eventually, asteroid mining.

Marina Kolyvanova
Head of Marketing and Communications
Precious Payload Inc.